Waiting for Spring

Baltimore is starting to thaw out from the ridiculously cold weather we had last week. With the help of contractor’s plastic on my windows and sleeping on my couch near the fireplace, I managed not to freeze any of my extremities off. While spring is still quite a ways away, I am slowly starting to get ready for it, as it will need a great deal of prep.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

Happy Polar Vortex! Or not. No, really, not. It is fracking COLD!!! Right now, it is 5ºF in Baltimore. With the wind chill, it is -17ºF. BRRR! It is also windy; when I left for work today, my large iron fire wood holder, filled with maybe about 1/3 cord of wood, was moved about 2 feet by the wind.

Neither the arctic weather or the roaring winds are good for my poor little house. Being 79 years old, it has some issues, one of which is the fact that some of the windows appear to be original. All the windows in the front of the house are new, but the rest of them are still wood. The windows in the basement are especially bad. This leads to cold air flooding into the house and increasing my energy bill by ridiculous amounts. Since right now I cannot afford to replace windows, I have to do something to stop the cold from coming in.

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Poppin’ Tags

(First off, for anyone who was living under a rock during the summer, reference this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK8mJJJvaes)

One of my favorite weird, old lady-like pastimes is to go thrift store shopping. I love the treasure hunting, I love the deals and, most of all, I love reusing things that others cannot. I am huge proponent of repurposing. So much in fact, I make it the main ideology behind my craft business (shameless self-promotion: www.etsy.com/shop/lovelyducklingcrafts). One man’s trash is this duckie’s treasure. I have gotten some great things for cheap or free by using some great online/local resources. Continue reading