Back to the Future

Hello all! It has been a while!! How y’all doing?

The last few months has been full a lot of boring, non-crafty, non-home improvement stuff. Stuff has been done, such as repainting the downstairs bathroom hallway so it was no longer pink, but not much of it. That job did get rid of all the pink in the house though!! Well, except the basement floor, but that doesn’t count because it is unfinished. (Yes, the painted the basement FLOOR pink as well…) Other than that, I have been doing a lot of gardening in the front of the house and a lot of work outside of the house. Once I finish the large garden project I am working on now, I promise to get pictures up here!!


To tide you over, here is a pic of the first blooms on my Black-eyed Susans, the official state flower of Maryland.

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Quick Bathroom Makeover

Last night and this morning I was busy painting my upstairs bathroom. While I am a all for the new and modern, I am a huge fan of the vintage. My love of Victorian aesthetics, my interest in burlesque and my obsession with the kitsch play into how I am decorating my home.

Although not a selling point like the huge kitchen and the fireplace, I fell in love with my upstairs bathroom as soon as I saw it. It is full of 50’s adorableness. The black and white tiles on the floors and walls were just perfect.

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The Desolation of Pink, Part Two


So between the turkey, the present-buying and the Christmas parties, I finally got the living room de-pinked! It took quite a bit of work and changes in plans, but it looks wonderful (at least in my opinion).

Other than a few places where I hit the ceiling with my paintbrush, painting the walls was a time consuming but relatively easy process. After a coat of primer and two coats of the paint, you can’t tell that the room once looked like the inside of an expired Pepto bottle. I ended up adding some white paint to the main wall color, as it was too close to the holy-fuck yellow I used for the accent wall and trimming.  Continue reading

The Desolation of Pink, Part One

The first thing I told myself that I was going to do to the house when I moved in was get rid of the gorram pink living room. This is proving to be more work than I anticipated, but is coming along. Talking to neighbors, I got some of the back story to why every room in the house is a different color. Apparently, the people who owned the house had a bunch of kids and they allowed the kids to pick what color they wanted each room. That doesn’t explain why the hell they painted the ceilings and fireplace or let children reign over interior design, but that is another point altogether. It is my job, however, to slay the dragon that is ugly paint.

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A Nightmare in Pink: The Fireplace Dilemma, part 1

So, as I promised my friend Jay, my first real post and project for the house is fixing up my living room which has been dubbed “A Nightmare in Pink” (extra cool points to those who get the reference). I am not a pink kinda gal. In fact, I hate the color pink for all intents and purposes. So, you can see how this room is a nightmare for me.

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