Hive, Some Assembly Required

Yesterday I successfully installed the bees in their hive! Before I did, though, I needed to do some work on the hive.


Wedge comes out, foundation goes in. Then wedge goes back in.

One of the things that I needed to do was assemble the frames. I got wedge frames, which meant that I needed to break off a piece of the frame, put the foundation in, and nail the piece of wood back on, sandwiching the foundation. While I was able to do this with no issues, it was a bit of a PITA because of how I had to hold the hammer to avoid damaging the foundation.

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Bee Tools

Beekeeping is not a cheap hobby. I haven’t even gotten my bees yet and I have spend a few hundred dollars on supplies. Here is a rundown of what I have purchased so far.

Nuc from Central Maryland Beekeepers Association: $165.00

10-frame hive with foundations and a top feeder: $165.00

Beekeeping suit with veil and gloves: $33.00

Beekeeping tools and smoker fuel: $54.00

Not to mention the cost of the supplies for the fence, the garden, and the other things I will need along the way.

So, what exactly are all these things for?

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The Bee Garden Master Plan

I’ve wanted bees in my garden since I moved to Casa del Duckie. They are good for the environment, good for the garden, and a good source of ingredients for other projects. They are also something that will need a lot of care and planning to keep healthy and safe. While I may seem to just jump into things, I really do carefully plan my large projects well. The bees are no different.

There are actually two different projects within the bee project- the bee corral and the bee garden. Because bees need a source of nutrition and water, I need to step up my gardening game and create a bee oasis in my back yard. Which gives me an excuse to plant more exciting things. Here is the master garden plan for the bee corral.

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