I was finally able to get out there and do another inspection this weekend! It’s been so rainy here for the past month or so.

It seems that my hive is queenless at the moment. This means that the old queen died or was not doing well and was killed off. As you’ll see int he video, the colony is attempting to replace her. I need to do more research on whether I should let them do their thing naturally, or buy another queen to replace the lost one.

2 thoughts on “Queenless

  1. You are so brave? Is there a garment you can wear to protect your legs? Wonder what prompts them to sting one time and not another time. This is so fascinating. Really looking forward to continued queen saga!


    • Thanks, Eve! When I got stung a bunch of times, I only had on a pair of thin white cotton pants because I do not have bee suit pants. (It’s hard to find a bee suit that fits me because I am plus size.) The last two times I’ve gone out, I’ve put jeans on first, then knee-high boots, then the white bee cotton pants. The color white keeps the bees calm, so I want to make sure the outer layer is always white.

      I think that I got all the stings that time because I opened the hive between rain storms. It has been so rainy up this way recently, and bees can’t navigate when it is raining. I checked the hive without consulting the weather forecast. So I had a hive that was full (since they couldn’t go out) and probably a bit angry because of the crowding and the rain.


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