The Bee Garden Master Plan, Revised

I love plants. This should be obvious to you by now. I also love a deal, and when the two collide, I end up taking home plants that I didn’t plan on. Thus, the bee garden master plan has changed.

to plant.jpg

I meant to just buy snapdragons…

I went to my local Lowe’s on my lunch break last week, intending to just pick up snapdragons. I knew walking in this would not happen, especially when they had plants on clearance. I ended up picking up another phlox for my hill (not pictured) and four koi avens for $1 each. The leaves were a little yellow and burnt, but totally savable. I also went to Walmart and got these gorgeous miniature irises for $1 a pot. Each pot has four bulbs in it. Irises are my second favorite flower (next to daffodils) and I had no idea they bred minis. I have full size irises in my front yard, but I could not resist these itty bitty cuties. I also went to Home Depot for a drywall patch and ended up walking out of the store with a large magenta dianthus.

Over the weekend, it was nice enough to dig in the dirt, so I had a chance to plant the plants and seeds I outlined in The Plan, with additions. So first the dianthus and the tricyrtic went in the ground first, followed by the snapdragons and irises, planted around the edge of the bed. In the middle of the edge, I put two koi avena plants each. I added a good amount of garden soil to the spot because my soil is mostly clay. I had a bag of leftover rocks from putting up the fence, so I added a border around each bed.



I also planted all my seeds, thinking Spring finally came. But we’re supposed to have snow on Saturday! That’s all bad, for both my seeds and my bees, as they are coming home on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed that the snow doesn’t mess with either!




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