Bee Corral

Happy Spring!

Despite a first day of Spring snowstorm and two days of work from home time, things are chugging along at Casa del Duckie in anticipation of the bees, which are officially coming on April 7.

The first task on April 7 will be transporting the bees from the apiary to my back yard. In my car. Box full of bees. For 25 minutes.

That part I am a bit worried about.

But then I get to come home and suit up and introduce them to their new home. I am planning to live stream the introduction on Facebook, and then put the video up here later on.

So , how have I gotten ready for the bees? Per Baltimore County code, I need to have the beehives fenced in with a 4′ fence. So I built a fence. And since I could, I made it out of pallets. Thanks so much Whitney for going on the adventure to rent a pickup and getting ten pallets (two were double-long) to my house. It took three days of cutting, but I took all of them apart and figured out the dimensions based on the wood I had. I wanted to build it next to the metal shed I built last year, so it only needed to be three sides. I ended up making it 66″ wide, same width as the shed, and 132″ long. The door would be in the middle of the long side.

back room

How much wood can a wood duck cut if a wood duck could cut wood?

I used the pallet 2x4s and purchased 4x4s to build nine posts to attach pickets to, made out of the pallet slats. A friend came over last week to help me set the posts in concrete (thanks, Chris!) and attach the fence panels to the post. We got most of the fence put up last week, but did not put the door on. This weekend, another friend (thanks James!) came down to help me attach the door. After he left, I added an arch trellis and screwed small pots onto the 4×4 posts for bee-friendly herbs.


Corral of bees!!

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