Garden Time

I may have the best intentions all the time, but I am flaky as all hell. I don’t mean to be, but I just have so much going on all the time that I forget things that are not directly in front of me. This even extends to gardening, where I will forget to plant or transplant things in the right order and then have them die on me. It happened last year with me with beans that were planted way too late. I’m also the type of person that depends on technology to keep my head straight. Without a smart phone, I wouldn’t remember what day it is, lest remember what I am doing during the weekend three weeks from now.

Sometimes, the stars align and I find a tool that is perfect for my needs. This came in the form of Burpee’s Garden Time app. I downloaded it to check it out about a month ago. It has been a good tool for planning my garden and seems like it will keep me on track this growing season.


The app has nice features, but is a little slow. Overall though, I think it will be extremely useful for me, and anyone who has a scattered brain like me.

The most useful thing I found in this app was the planner tool. You set up a garden and tell the app what is in it and where it is, and it will calculate when you need to inside sow, direct sow, or transplant the plant based on the USDA growing zone you are in. You can have multiple gardens in the app and add everything from herbs to fruit trees to veggies to your list. The best part of this is the task manager feature, which lets you know when things need to be done.


How will my garden grow? With technology!

Another nice feature of the app is the Browse option. Tap the Browse icon at the bottom left of the screen and you can find information on what any plant, flower, or tree in the Burpee catalog, including when to plant and a handy link to the Burpee store. The app also includes a how-to section, which links to YouTube videos on how to grow certain crops and build things like A-frames to support your plants.

So for those who have too much going on to remember when to plant things, check it out! Best part is that it’s free!

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