Pinterest Perfection

I don’t often try things I find on Pinterest. I have a lot of my own projects and I find some of the stuff I find on there just silly. But there are some diamonds in the rough, like the absolutely brilliant idea of using magazine holders as shelving. A very simple project, and a good way to get this blog rolling again, I think.

I had a corner that needed a splash of color and a plant. So after a little Internet research, off I went to Ikea to get some sturdy magazine holders. I elected to go with the KNUFF wooden racks, which come two in a pack for $10. I went on this trip with my girlfriend who was also interested in corner shelves, so we got two packs.


  • Wooden shelves were easy to paint and looked fine without too.
  • You actually have two shelves- the top of the holder and the inside!
  • I had an excuse to go to Ikea.
  • All you need are four screws to hold up the shelf, two in each side of the spine.


  • It was a bit hard to get my drill into the holder to screw the screws in.
  • The shelves can only hold light stuff.
  • If your walls are not perfectly smooth and at an exact 90 degree angle, the shelf will not sit flush with one of the walls.

Putting up the shelves are a bit challenging since my electric screwdriver just barely fit in the holder. The inner screws I needed to tighten with a manual screwdriver. Other than this, it was a quick project and dead useful. It now holds a plant I got at Ikea and some of my Lego Halloween minifigs.



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