I fought the lawn, and the lawn won

I have been spending a lot of time outdoors. A good deal of it has been spent in the back of my property, where things are a bit wild. I am trying to pull up all the English ivy and euonymus that has invaded my yard. I do not like using chemicals, so I am manually pulling it up. But, there is a problem: I am a city girl. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY and this is the first time that I have had so much as a blade of grass to call my own. So there’s a learning curve.

Things I have learned this week:

Poison ivy rash can take up to two weeks to show the first time.

I did not know this. I thought it was a more or less instant reaction. So I was very shocked to wake up in the middle of the night last week itching like crazy. I thought particularly hungry spiders got me because it was raining for a good deal of the week and the last time I touched the garden was the weekend. I managed to get poison ivy all over my left forearm, and some on my face and neck.

Tick bites hurt. A lot.

So not only did I get poison ivy for the first time, I also got a tick bite, or at least that is what the practitioner at Target Clinic said. In the crook of my right arm. I usually do not go seek medical attention for things, but on Sunday I went to see them because what I thought was a bug bite that I was reacting to had started to turn into a bullseye rash. I don’t know much about nature, but I know that means tick.

I should have been a Boy Scout.

Yes, I know I am a girl. And I was a Girl Scout, but all our troop did was arts and crafts and learned to do domestic things, like laundry. Bleh. I should have been a Boy Scout, and learned important things, like how to identify tick bites and poison ivy and build fires, which is something else I am not good at despite having both a fireplace and a fire pit.

Nature is getting back at me for removing all that ivy and those trees I cut down!

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