The Desolation of Pink, Part Two


So between the turkey, the present-buying and the Christmas parties, I finally got the living room de-pinked! It took quite a bit of work and changes in plans, but it looks wonderful (at least in my opinion).

Other than a few places where I hit the ceiling with my paintbrush, painting the walls was a time consuming but relatively easy process. After a coat of primer and two coats of the paint, you can’t tell that the room once looked like the inside of an expired Pepto bottle. I ended up adding some white paint to the main wall color, as it was too close to the holy-fuck yellow I used for the accent wall and trimming. 


The holy trinity of color! 

(The grease-spot looking things are my camera, BTW, not the actual walls, promise)

So now that the walls were done, I still had the fireplace to tackle. Over the days and weeks since my last post, I was slowly removing paint and scrubbing brick, with very bad results. The last layer of paint was just spreading all over the brick and just making it look muddy. So I decided to change tactics. Instead of removing the paint and possibly exposing myself to lead, I decided to paint over the ugly and make it look like brick again.

After searching the internet, I found a lovely blog by Brittany Bailey for DIY home stuff. I looked around and found this wonderful post about how to paint bricks to look like bricks. I was in love. Although I had a lot of other things I wanted to do and didn’t really have the extra cash, the obsessive side of me wanted the pink totally gone. And off to the store I went. Two stores and $30 later, I came back with two gallons of latex paint, five bottles of acrylic paint and a car wash sponge. I was not sure how much paint it would take, so I went with an entire gallon of Better Homes and Gardens Espresso Bean in flat latex and a gallon of oops paint in a greyish tan (at least, that’s what I thought). I primed the fireplace the day before, so it was nice and dry for the project.

But then I painted between the bricks and it came out looking like moss.


A rolling fireplace gathers no moss?

Although it looked weird, I figured that the darkness of the brick colors will take focus off the green. And it did! I didn’t wait for the paint to dry because I was so excited about the project. I got my plates, filled them with paint and started dipping my sponge.


The carnage of plates and paint during the project.

I am absolutely floored by how it came out. It looks so good! The mossy mortar doesn’t matter, as I predicted. The brick looks realistic and it was much easier to do than I expected. It took me about 3 hours to complete this, from changing into my paint clothes to wiping up the drips on the stone.

Drumroll please….


Totally nailed it!

Holy crap! Look at that transformation!! New paint, new fireplace, new wall sconces!!! I painted the mantle a plain white to give the whole fireplace a nice clean look. This was later in the night and not in the three hours previously stated. It looks like a completely different room. I am so proud of myself for this one. Here are some glamour shots of the brick paint:



So fracking beautiful!!

The fireplace tools and grate were a Goodwill find at the Crofton store (here for details) at $12 for the set. They look great there. I scrubbed the extra paint and fireplace gunk from the hearth tiles and they look very nice too. In the rest of the room I moved the furniture to where I want it. The room is still a bit barren, but at least everything is in its place.


 Arnie approves of the couch, just not the lighting.

So, am I all done here? Not yet, unfortunately. Pictures need to be hung, walls need to be decorated and curtains need to be made. More to come soon!

I am still so giddy about that fireplace!!

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