The Desolation of Pink, Part One

The first thing I told myself that I was going to do to the house when I moved in was get rid of the gorram pink living room. This is proving to be more work than I anticipated, but is coming along. Talking to neighbors, I got some of the back story to why every room in the house is a different color. Apparently, the people who owned the house had a bunch of kids and they allowed the kids to pick what color they wanted each room. That doesn’t explain why the hell they painted the ceilings and fireplace or let children reign over interior design, but that is another point altogether. It is my job, however, to slay the dragon that is ugly paint.

So, after seeing that my fireplace will eventually be red, I decided to go with golden tones for the room. The wood paneling on the fireplace wall, the baseboards and the window frames will become a very cheery and bright golden color (called Mango Passion by Better Homes and Gardens) and the rest of the walls will be a yellowish peach (I don’t remember the shade name because it was not as clever as Mango Passion). I picked the colors to go with some awesome fabric that I got at a bolt sale that will become DIY roman shades (more on this later). I also decided to paint the ceiling an off-white color, as bright-as-fuck white that most ceilings are painted will not work as well with the bright-as-fuck accent color.


Yep, very yellow that is. Its even brighter in person.


The colors, Duke! The colors!

So I set to work priming EVERYTHING. I bought a 5 gallon bucket of primer and found another bucket of primer in the basement that had about 2 gallons. I sincerely hope that is enough to prime the whole house because EVERY FRACKING SURFACE will need to be primed in order to repaint the ugly. I started with the ceiling, as I was advised to do. Got the primer up on the ceiling and the accent wall, and some other random places that I felt like painting. I grabbed lunch while waiting for the primer to dry, then put up two coats.


Isn’t that SO much better than the pink?!

I found it much easier and neater to get up on a step ladder and paint the ceiling with the normal roller than trying to use the long stick extension. I use the stick for walls and I did so for half the priming, but I found it unwieldy. Maybe that is because I am only 5’3″. I don’t know, but it helped a lot to be on the step ladder versus using the stick that was practically taller than me. My cat Arnie also helped me paint in a way that only cats can. Most of the help involved playing with cable tacks I pulled out of the baseboards and mewing loudly to encourage me (or beg me for more food, I haven’t decided which).


And I helped!

Over a few days, I primed the rest of the walls and the woodwork. I also painted the accent wall and put up wall sconces, but I will talk more about that in Part Two. I finished priming on Monday. w00t! The pink is (almost) defeated!!


Even with just primer, it looks better already!

The only pink left in the room is the fireplace, which will take some time to get rid of. I discovered that if I use a single blade razor on the paint when the paint thinner is working its magic, I can scrape all the layers off at once! It is still hard work, but if I do it one brick at a time, it is not too trying. Not sure how to tackle the paint in the grout yet, but it will come. I will slay the pink beast and emerge victorious! And hopefully the lead paint and chemicals will not damage me too much in the process!

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