$9 of burlap + $3 of lace + 45 minutes = New Curtains for my office!

I have not sewed anything in about three weeks. This was unacceptable.

I went out in search of a curtain rod and curtains for the back room/office. I wanted something that would let the light in while giving me privacy. I did not see anything I liked in the length I needed (around 40″), so I wandered into the fabric section of Walmart, which I have such a love-hate relationship with. I love it because I can get everything I need in one fell swoop, but I hate the ethics of the company.


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A Nightmare in Pink: The Fireplace Dilemma, part 1

So, as I promised my friend Jay, my first real post and project for the house is fixing up my living room which has been dubbed “A Nightmare in Pink” (extra cool points to those who get the reference). I am not a pink kinda gal. In fact, I hate the color pink for all intents and purposes. So, you can see how this room is a nightmare for me.

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Welcome to the Duckpond!

I am not a blogger. This is my first attempt at writing for the world to see, unless you count some whiny and depressed rants posted on DeadJournal nearly a decade ago.

So why, you ask, are you starting now? Because I bought a house. I closed on my first home on October 11, 2013 and amid chaos filled with cardboard boxes and doors that don’t quite close right, I decided that I want to document the changes I will make to this house to make it truly my home.  Continue reading